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Cultivating algae plans

Different algal strains

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Building algae fresh/salt water aquariums

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Building Open pond systems

Building photo-bioreactors

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Grow Algae for Fuel

This newly released work called Making Algae to Biodiesel at Home is the quickest and easiest way to learn about algae biodiesel. Inside this comprehensive work you’ll get over 650 pages of goldmine info. Absolutely everything anyone interested in algae biodiesel would need. Who uses this book? Over 300 copies have sold in the last two months and people are busily creating their own alternative energy!

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Cultivating Algae Book I: Cultivating Algae: Why cultivate algae for biodiesel. (The answers here might surprise you.– Flow Chart and detailed “overview” of the algae biodiesel process– Algae Biodiesel strains: There’s over 300,000 algae strains…which one should you use?– How to choose an algal strain in your local environment.– Where to buy algal strains. Harvesting and Oil ExtractionBook V: Harvesting and Oil Extraction: When to harvest– How to harvest– Oil extraction principles– Oil extraction methods– How To build a Home-made Oil Press. Building an Algae FarmBook IV: Scaling Up (Part III) Building an Algae Photo-Bioreactor: Want to be able to build a scalable algae photo-bioreactor for less than $400?.

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Test 10 different strains at once.

Test 10 different variables at once

Build it at Home

Patent Pending Designs

Full color illustrations and drawings

Learn how to build multiple Algae PBR designs

Parts list

Build it yourself for less than $375




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Once you have learned all you need to know about algae, grow your own with a lab grade photo bioreactor that lets you grow up to 10 different strains of algae at one time.

Simply the Best DIY Lab Grade Algae Farm Book on the Market! – David S.



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